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Complete Strut Assemblies

Mando is the Original Equipment manufacturer to offer a Complete Strut Assembly to the traditional automotive aftermarket. The Mando complete strut assembly is not an aftermarket facsimile, but is the original equipment specifically produced for each available Hyundai and KIA application offered. Both ride comfort & handling performance of your vehicle will be restored to its original factory specs.

Save time & energy without the need for coil spring compressor tools, choose Mando Complete Strut replacements – We Are OE!

  Precision Engineered by OE Suspension System Manufacturer

  No Coil Spring Compressor Tools Needed

  Manufactured in Korea

Shock Absorbers & Strut Assemblies

Leaking shocks and/or weak struts can lead to a bouncy, bumpy, and overall an unpleasant ride with additional noise/vibrations – eventually even loss of control of the vehicle. A healthy suspension system is needed for basic braking & handling of your vehicle, and most importantly - keeps the car and passengers safe.

Mando Shocks and Struts are not only designed to fit, function, and perform like Original Equipment, they are the original equipment! Depending on the level of your Hyundai or KIA’s suspension system’s failure, you can always count on Mando to help restore your vehicle’s ride comfort, load capacities, and performance back to its original form – We Are OE!

  Direct Original Equipment Replacement

  Manufactured in Korea

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