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A/C Compressors

An A/C Compressor pressurizes refrigerant before pumping it into the A/C condenser where the gas is then converted into a liquid that passes through the rest of the vehicle’s A/C system, which ultimately provides cold air to cool the cabin. The A/C compressor is the main power unit behind this entire process. When the A/C compressor fails or leaks, you no longer have the comfort of cool air.

Mando offers OE factory A/C Compressors for Hyundai & KIA, along with other domestic & European auto makers. A/C clutches are included on all brand new Mando OE conventional A/C compressors & comes perfilled with refrigerant oil to exact factory specs. We also offer OE Hybrid & Electric Vehicle compressors as well – We Are OE!

  Brand New OE- No Core Exchange Required

  Direct Original Equipment Replacement

  Manufactured in Korea

Blower Motor Assemblies    New  

The Blower Motor in a vehicle is the fan unit that pushes either cool or heated air through the vents and into the cabin. Besides a simple clogged filter or debris obstruction, blower motors can begin to fail naturally through time, causing weak/no air flow, abnormal noise, or is faulty at certain fan speeds.

Mando offers OE blower motor assemblies to revive the normal air flow back into your Hyundai or KIA Count on Mando for the original, with factory control units & all specifications – We Are OE!

  Direct Original Equipment Replacement

  Manufactured in Korea

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