Mando (headquartered in South Korea) is a global Tier-1 OE automotive parts manufacturer to many global carmakers, such as Hyundai & KIA Motors. One of the primary benefits of using Mando branded parts is that they are original equipment.

Many companies’ claim their parts are “OE-Like” or “OE-Quality”, but we at Mando are proud to provide you with actual OE replacement parts manufactured directly in Korea.

There are no second guesses when it comes to form/fit/function or quality because Mando branded parts are the same parts you will find on your own vehicle. Mando Aftermarket North America provides the best option for OE replacement parts because they are OE.

1962 //
Mando is a specialized brand under Halla Group (South Korea) – Mando was founded in 1962 originally as “Hyundai International, Inc.”, which then later changed its name to Mando Corporation. Mando continued to make its mark in the OEM & OES sectors of the automotive world internationally.

1983 //
Fast forward to 1983, Mando North America was born, as the main focus was to supply both new & remanufactured OEM/OES parts to the US Market. In 2017, the Mando Aftermarket program made its debut in North America which specializes in OE parts for Korean applications.

Core Value


Work fair and square by complying with the basics and principles


Work with sincerity while complying with the basics and principles.


Avoid words and deeds that are contrary to one’s conscience and act straight and honestly.


Share the work process and results openly with related personnel.


Be the best by taking on challenges and innovating with an indomitable will


Set a high target and boldly take a risk.


Pursue newness with differentiated ideas, free from stereotypes.


Learn passionately to become an expert in one’s field.

Work Together

Seek coexistence through consideration and communication


Respect each other’s personality and diversity, and give compliments even for small matters.


Have conversations with an open mind and truly empathize with each other’s opinions.


Trust and rely on one another and fulfill responsibilities without fail.